Corona Virus Prevention

Corona virus should be faced with the similar approach as for any other viral infection. Removing the fear regarding this virus is the first step towards bouncing this virus back.

Viral infections usually are acquired by the immunodeficient individuals who have a poor immunity to fight against any disease.

1. Maintain sanitation and hygiene by washing hands not only before eating but also while traveling and after returning home from work.

2. Use running water and soap to wash hands. Make sure you wash between fingers, palms, back of hands, tip of fingers and wrists.

3. Keep a handrub, sterilium or hand sanitizer wherever you go to keep your hands clean. Keep your nails short.

4. Make sure your room is well ventilated, clean and properly dusted daily.

5. Include citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and sweetlime (mosambi) daily in your diet.

6. Have fresh seasonal fruits in your diet. Make sure you wash them well before eating.

7. Wear a mask or cover your nose & mouth while traveling in public places or crowd especially in poorly ventilated places, not just for Corona virus but multiple other diseases as well.

8. While feeding the hot food to children or old patients avoid blowing air with mouth to cool it. Instead let the temperature come down gradually only then feed it.

9. Taking a bath with lukewarm water by adding drops of savlon or dettol after a tiring day will be beneficial.

10. If your Haemoglobin is low, make sure you are taking proper treatment and eating iron rich food. Anaemia affects your immunity.

11. Avoid eating raw salad outside, cold food or food from unhygienic stalls.

12. Avoid going out empty stomach. You must have a filling breakfast before starting from home. Empty stomach attracts diseases.

13. Make sure your pets are treated for their infections, vaccinated and kept clean.

14. Carry your clean kerchief wherever you go. In case you don’t have it use your elbow to tuck in your face to sneeze or cough. Wear clean clothes daily.

15. Avoid eating from others plates or sharing water bottles.

16. In case of cold, cough, fever complaints consult your family doctor before Googling anything.

17. Arsenicum album 30 is the indicated for this virus according to symptom similarity. Consult your Homoeopath before starting anything by yourself.

– Dr Sharayu Rajwade, BHMS.
Contact: +91 8424800247
Consultation clinic: Mumbai

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