Health Benefits of BOTTLE GOURD JUICE


150 grams of bottle gourd juice during summer prevents excessive loss of sodium, quenches thirst and helps one to work without getting tired. It is cool, laxative, nutritive and delicious. It helps digestion and acts as a laxative in chronic constipation.

In fever, juice of bottle gourd is very useful. T.B. patients get relief from cough, Bottle gourd juice mixed with equal quantity of tender coconut water given 100 to 150 grams every ten minutes during cholera, and severe dehydration due to other causes of gastro-enteritis has given very gratifying results. It is a very valuable medicine to restore electrolyte fluid balance in cases where saline drip facilities are not readily available.

The juice of bottle gourd mixed with a little honey works as a medicine for burning sensation in the body and throat. It also gives relief in urine troubles.

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