Lifestyle and Ayurveda

The concept that lifestyle are responsible for genesis of diseases is very old & well known in Ayurveda. Crowded urban living causes shortening of life spans of the people. Charak Sanhita reports the concepts of “Rasayana” therapy to counteract premature ageing and improving the life span.
     Life on the whole is very demanding and competitive. Overstimulation of all senses is very common in present day urban living style. Over indulgence in eating junk foods, lack of proper exercises, sedentary occupations, over indulgence of unsafe sex are the causes of many diseases. These create imbalance of “VATA”, “PITA” & “KAFA” component resulting into diseases. “STRESS” of building career is another important reason. Withholding of natural urges like thirst, hunger, urination, defecation, sneezing, etc. due to urban lifestyle is common. The prevalence of psychosomatic diseases is very common and faced by Ayurvedic doctors from time to time. This results in vitiation of the doshas causing anger, greed, envy, anxiety, etc. the mental imbalance created by the above mentioned stress leads to early wear & tear of the tissues of the body. Thus early ageing is a boon of urban lifestyle.
     Today men and women are competing in all types of careers which further increases the physical & mental stress.
Ayurveda attributes a great importance of food and proper nutrition. Nutrition and proper intake of diet is essential for the development of both physical as well as emotional aspect of mind & body. “VATA” dosha plays a very important role in the genesis of the diseases. “VATA” imbalance results in various diseases like heart ailments, hyper acidity, hyper tension, menstrual problems in woman, loss of libido in men, backaches, etc. Ayurveda creates awareness among masses about maintainance of personal and social hygiene, role of balanced diet in maintaining the health and improving the immunity against several diseases. This could be achieved by following various code of conducts that are described in ayurveda in terms of good moral behaviour, daily routine, taking regular proper and timely sleep, advocating a lifestyle according to seasons, say night. This regime may keep one fit physically and mentally thereby preventing ailments.
     Ayurveda has mentioned various types of “MANAS” “VYADHI” i.e. psychosomatic diseases which are caused by imbalance and vitiation of the “Doshas” the common reason being stress and tension.
     Now a days with the advent of technology and competitive nature of work place, people are too stressed out to relieve this either they have to visit a psychiatrist or due to lack of sleep take various anti depression medication. This again leads to increase in the “PITTA” & “KAFA” doshas leading to various diseases. If “ACHAR RASAYANA” mentioned in “CHARAK SANHITA” of ayurveda is followed properly then the need of drugs can be nullified. This includes early to bed and early to rise, regular work outs, yoga, meditation, bathing, reciting prayers, having nutritious & heavy breakfast before going to work. Also timely intake of food during lunch hours as well reducing the amount of tea, coffee and including 2-3 servings of fruits daily is utmost essential. Smoking, eating pan, guthka, alcohol intake should be avoided. Avoid drinking water directly after strenuous work or exercise. People who constantly sit in front of computer should take hourly 5-10 minutes break between work.
Thus it can be sent that ayurveda offers holistic method for lifestyle which can be used to prevent genesis of various diseases.

– By Dr. Hashi Sen Gupta
Ayurvedic Consultant & Panchkarma Specialis

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