Minerals and Vitamins which will boost your Immune system and their sources.

Our Body is made up of what we eat every day. Food has the potential to keep you away from any diseases. We have given you details of food which will help to boosts your immunity, increase the power of defense system of your white blood cells & the capacity of functioning of B and T – lymphocytes which are critical for the production of antibodies.
Also it will increase the capacity of cellular protein interferon, which attacks viruses.

Minerals Which are helpful in Building Immunity

Magnesium (Metallic Element)

Immunity boosting function.

Strengthens The Immunity – This mineral plays a role in both cell and antibody mediated immune response. Magnesium is involved in the process of B lymphocytes producing antibody producing plasma cell.

Also it is vital for proper cell division

Sources :
Cereals , Pulses, Nuts (peanuts),Green Leafy Vegetables, Vegetables

RDA : 300 mg / day

2. Phosphorus (Non Metallic Element)

Immunity boosting function. –

Formation of Nucleic Acid – Phosphorus is a component of nucleic acid and as phosphate esters plays an important part in cellular metabolism of nutrients like carbs, fats etc.
Sources :

Nearly all food stuffs particularly in high protein foods such as Meat, dairy products , pulses, milk , most fruits and green leafy vegetables

RDA : 800 mg/ day

Potassium (Metallic element )

Immunity boosting function.

Proper Metabolism of Protein – Potassium is required for complete digestion and assimilation of Proteins.

Sources : Fresh Fruits , Vegetables, particularly Potatoes, Meat, Milk, Whole meal Flour, Coffee, Tea, Cereals and their products

RDA : 2-4 gm per day
Sodium (Metal) :

Immunity boosting function.

Present as main ions in intracellular fluid & their interactions with potassium ions across cell membranes is required for survival.

Sources : Table salt

RDA : 3 g/ day

Iron (Metallic )

Immunity boosting function.

Builds Immunity – Iron deficiency may cause weakening of white blood cells defense system . Iron is also required for the proper functioning of T – Lymphocytes and enabling them to identify virus , bacteria and cancer cells .

Formation of Hemoglobin

Sources : Meat, liver, offal, blood, peas, parsley, pulses, eggs, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts, particularly almonds, cocoa, apricots, figs, fortified white flour and products and fortified breakfast cereals .

RDA : 14-18 mg / day

Zink (Zn)

Immunity boosting functions

Zink forms active site of around 200 enzymes . Some of which provides bodily protein and which help in synthesis of nucleic acid.
Good Antioxidants

Boosts Immune System

Sources : Meat, egg yolk, Seafood(oyster), Whole Cereals, Vegetable, Dairy products

RDA : 15 mg/ day

Vitamins Which are helpful in Building Immunity

Vitamin A

Immunity boosting function.

Immunity Building – Vitamin A is required for development and maintenance of Epithelial tissues that line the respiratory tract, the alimentary canal, the urinary tract, the body skin and the eye, which increases the barrier role these membranes play in protecting the body against infections. hence Vitamin A strengthens the immunity

Sources: liver, fat of the milk, eggs, dark green, leafy, yellow orange vegetables and fruits

RDA : 500-600mcg/day

Vitamin D

Immunity boosting function.

Regulation of the permeability of the cell membranes.

Sources: Butter, cream, Egg yolk, liver, Skin produces it under sun light

RDA : Till 24ys – 10mcg /day and after 25 yrs = 5 mcg/day

Vitamin E

Immunity boosting function.

Makes red blood cells resistant to hemolysis or breakdown

Sources : wheat germ, soya bean, cotton seed, corn, peanut oils, margarine, raw seeds, nuts, eggs, butter, sweet potatoes, liver, some green leafy vegetables.

RDA : 8-10 mg/day

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Immunity boosting function.

Building Immunity – Pantothenic acid’s most important role is in the functioning of B – lymphocytes which are critical for the production of antibodies. Thus pantothenic acid plays a large role in cell defense against disease.

Sources: Mostly all foods including beans , eggs, liver, whole grain cereals, oranges , peanuts , wheat germ and fish. Some portion is produced in human gut by intestinal bacteria

RDA : 4-7 mg/day

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid )

Immunity boosting function

Multiplication and Maturation of R.B.C. and W.B.C.

Sources : Spinach, Asparagus, Green Vegetables, Potato, pulses, Liver , yeast, kidneys, Nuts, Whole Grains

RDA : 50-100mcg/day

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Immunity boosting functions

1. Formation of red blood cells
2. B12 Influences the activity of B and T – lymphocytes
3. Required in the bio synthesis of amino acid methionine and the vitamin like substance choline
4. Required to permit the correct functioning of folic acid B9 in the body.
5. Prevents cell degeneration

Sources : Mainly in animal food sources liver, fish, egg, meat , kidney, dairy products specially cheese , fortified cereals and brewer’s yeast

RDA : 1mcg/day

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Immunity boosting functions

Resistance to Infection – Vitamin C improves the effect of White Blood Cells called Phagocytes. The role of Phagocytes in human is to find , destroy and consume viruses, bacteria and cancer cells . Vitamin C also activates White Blood Cells called Neutrophils and increases the level of antibodies found in the blood, in connection with elevated levels of the cellular protein interferon, which attacks viruses.

Helps to prevent and lessen allergic reactions.

Sources : Citrus fruit, berries, Tomatoes, Fresh green vegetables, potatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, some fruit juices and chilies .

RDA : 30-100 mg / Day

  • By Chanda Mantri 

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