YOGA – A Wonderful Practice

Today we live in technological world. Everyone has a busy schedule. Within this schedule people just forget about their selves, and do compromise on their health and fitness. We all ignore the fact that we might face problem related to our health, mental disturbance feeling of negativity, any disease, overweight, dull skin, weak muscles, stressful life etc. And we are tired now with medicines and treatment of doctors. As if doctors have become a basic need of persons

The only and effective solution of self- diagnosis is ‘YOGA’. Yoga is perfect package of solution for any type of problem. ‘’YOGA’’ is an art which teaches us the way of living and to live stress and diseases free life. Yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, Rig Veda. Yoga day is celebrated annually on 21st June.

Yoga has a lot of benefits and importance in today’s time. As it is not only the exercise but it’s the package of three words- Aasans (postures), Pranayams (regulation of breath), Dhyan (meditation). We must do it for our physical health, spiritual harmony and inner peace of mind. Aasans helps us to strengthen or body and physical fitness. Pranayams is the second mist importance to maintain equilibrium between us and our spirit. And Dhyan helps us to calm down and sharpens our memory. 

Beside all of this yoga also helps in following ways.

Importance of yoga

Strengthens our body
Everyone needs a healthy life. Health is not only about physical fitness, mind strength and calmness is also necessary. Yoga does helps in every manner like build muscles, strengthen our bones, control blood circulation, strong immune system.
Blood circulation plays a major role in or body. Imbalance in blood circulation increases the risk of blockage in artery which ultimately causes heart attack and many serious heart problems. To overcome these problems, Yoga is a best solution.

Control stress and depression
In todays’ life everyone is facing problems related to work, office, studies, home, relations etc. Tension ultimately leads to stress and depression. Buy by practising Yoga on daily basis one can overcome stress and depression, as it will provide inner peace to soul. 

 Activeness impacts over personality. Flexibility in body gives us energy and feeling to work more with dedication and concentration.

Improve concentration & Intuition power
As a child we were forced to drink milk every day, similar to it if we practice yoga daily it can sharpens our minds and helps to control aggression.

Solution to diseases
It helps to control cholesterol and improves cardiovascular system and coordinated our body with ease. Yoga also helps in the treatment of various disease like diabetes, sugar, thyroid, goitre, heart attack, blood pressure, stiffness of muscles, high metabolism, arthritis, asthma etc.,

Enhance Beauty & smartness
Beauty is the First priority of youngsters as well as elders. We all try varieties of beauty product and each of them gives different results. Perhaps many of us don’t know benefit of yoga. As it regulates blood circulation which ultimately helps in glowing of skin, fairness and gives shine to skin. It also prevents skin problems like blackheads, pimples, whitehead, dark circles, mops, skin allergies etc. Also deals with the problems like hair fall, dandruff, rough hair.
Increases inner beauty
Each of us deals with negativity. And sometimes negativity makes us feel low and superior in all context of life. But Yoga can help! It can give the feeling of positivity and self-awareness. Mediation and breath technique helps us rejuvenate our soul.
Losses weight & increases height
Yoga is best practice to lose weight. It helps to increase the height. Fitness is the sign of a healthier and goof attractive personality which can be obtain with the routine practice.

Similarly one can practice surya namaskar on daily basis like

Prayer pose-Pranamasana
Raised arms pose- Hastauttanasana
Hand to foot pose- Hasta Padasana
Stick pose – Dandasana
Cobra pose- Bhujanganasa
Equestrian pose- Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Why Surya Namasakar ?

Because it also helps to improve flexibility, Improves blood circulation, Improves digestion and promote weight loss, Enables better absorption of nutrients, Reduces mood swings and brings more emotional stability, Improves your skin, etc.

Now-a-days many school practice Yoga before they start with their day, as it clear the mind of students and make them feel fresh. It also improves their concentration level and boosts the energy level. Yoga has become the necessity of life and everyone should practise it for the betterment of life.

#Stay Fit Stay Young

 -By Samiksha Suhas Bhovad

BSc (Botany & Zoology)


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