Healthy wealth tips for Youngsters

24th November   Aarti M.

Heard of  “Humans of Bombay”? Inspired by this book written by  Karishma Mehta, I wondered if I would ever come across  one in my life time. I met Anand Shah an investment advisor cum financial trainer who has been handholding middle class people to plan finance for their future financial needs through free training. Curious to know more, I conducted an interview with him.
His story :

Retiring after spending over 20 years in banks in creating product & portfolio strategies to help clients create wealth, specialization in Product Management and New Initiatives, what excites me is teaching financial literacy to the youth who are prone to fall in hands of misleading financial advisors. My aim is to protect them from misleading Mutual Fund advisors.23 years back when I accidentally layed my hands on book by Warren Buffett, I found his way of writing very humorous and witty, at the same time full of Investments lessons. The investment lessons were so interesting that generated my interest in this subject and since then have been enjoying talking and subsequently teaching investments to my friends, family, relatives and anybody who would listen at the time.

As retirement got closer, I decided that I was going to just do what I enjoyed the most – teaching & giving back to the society

This little idea turned bigger and bigger, against all my expectations and since past couple of years of pandemic I have been blessed to train around 500 Investors. Have conducted online seminars/webinars for the local youth and  employees of small businesses etc for Free.

Near Term Goal: Teach youth, the secrets of ‘passive wealth creation’


Learn How to 2X Future value of your investments today !
Cut 5 years from the learning curve
Learn the secrets of the Richest people of the world that anybody can copy
Learn 20 years of Investing experience in 16 hours

Mutual Funds & investment in USA markets.

Who are robo advisors & what is your advice on this for the youngsters ?  
Robo-advisors are automated investment platforms that offer very low fees and low starting balances.
As a result, these services are attractive for beginning investors, specifically younger investors who are just getting started. If you’re new to investing, check out both robo-advisor offerings and what traditional advisors can bring to the table. Weigh the costs and benefits before making your choice. For millennials and others with more modest portfolios who may need some asset allocation advice and perhaps a bit of basic financial planning helps.

Any resources for learners to keep themselves updated after the training workshop ?
I now have my Youtube channel where I shall be uploading 2 min videos daily on various types of Mutual Funds, thei comparison, statistics. Following my channel would be more than enough for my students to keep taking investment decisions on their own.

Apart from investments, anything tips related to finance for youngsters ? 
Yes. I have seen the desperacy of spending. Spending lavishly at food outlets, on the branded clothing, entertainment. All spends are thru credit cards. My advice is set budgets on your spends & lifestyles. All spends can be done once you have set something aside for your difficult days. YOu will enjoy more with less spends once you have the peace in mind regarding your future needs.

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